Photo Background Removal 8 Images

Photo Background Removal 8 Images $30.00

(3 revisions at no additional cost)

Paste Details Here

How it works:

A.  Prepare the briefing details below.
B.  Click on the PayPal button
C.  Copy and Paste the Briefing Details into the text box in PayPal.
D.  I will contact you by e-mail once I receive your order.
E.   I  will delete the backgrounds of 8 images.
F.  You approve the end product and suggest revisions.
G.  I make revisions
H.  I deliver the files.

What you get
  • Eight photos with transparent or colored background.
  • Format file of your choosing
  • PSD files



When ordering, please include the following in the PayPal text box.  Include what you can and we can discuss what you don’t send when I contact you:

Briefing Details

  1. Provide the highest quality images available. The higher the resolution and quality, the better the final result.
  2. Provide final file format
  3. Dimensions required (width & height).
  4. Purpose of the images i.e. for Web or Print.
  5. Preferred Background color (White, Transparent or any)
  6. Preferred file format (PSD, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, etc)
  7. Any other requirement of the client.


Dark_Blue_ 003366   Dark Blue Medium_Blue_ 006699   Medium Blue Light_Blue 66cccc  Light Blue
Dark_Green 003300  Dark Green Medium_Green 336600   Medium Green Light_Green 99cc33  Light Green
Dark_Red 660000  Dark Red Bright_Red ff0000 Bright Red Bright_Pink ff00ff   Bright Pink
Dark_Orange cc3300  Dark Orange Medium_Oragne cc6633  Medium Orange Light_Orange ff9900  Light Orange





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