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Freelance Services:  

I take payment through PayPal.  
All files are delivered digitally or I have to charge sales tax.
You must pay before I start.

Motion Graphics
Visual Effects
2D & 3D
Video Editing
Technical Writing
Photo Editing


Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut 7

Priced Packages:




  • $12.95 per month
  • FREE – First Month
  • FREE – WordPress basic setup
  • FREE – Customizable Control Panel
  • UNLIMITED e-mail addresses
  • 15 GB space plus 500 MB email space.
  • You must own your own domain name (about $15 per year).  I will
    help you purchase the domain name if you need help.
  • Add calendars, forums, wikis and more.  
  • After I set everything up, you take over the content.  
  • You must sign up through a PayPal Subscription.  To begin,
    click the subscription button below.  

  Clicking here will commit you to $12.95 per month.
The first month is FREE and money will not be taken out of your account 
until the second month begins.  PayPal will then take $12.95 out of your
PayPal account every month.  You can easily cancel with one click at any
time from within your PayPal account giving you full control.

This offer is for individuals and small businesses and is not intended for
large organizations.

 Photo Restoration

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I offer a comprehensive photo retouching service, with image clipping and masking.

  • Remove and change backgrounds
  • Eliminate distracting elements of your photo
  • Change color hues and saturation
  • Correct tonal balance
  • Enlarge or reduce image sizes
  • Apply special effects
  • Restoration: still images:
    • Scratches
    • Stains
    • Faded Areas
    • Missing Areas
    • Color Decay
    • Fold Marks
    • Unwanted Writing
    • Scanning

Prices based on delivery size:
Scan up to 5×7″        $15.00 per photo
Scan 5×7″ to 8×10″   $20.00 per photo
Scan Larger than 8×10″    $35.00 per Photo

Minor Restoration               $55.00 per photo
Minor damage of background and clothing areas, fading, discoloration does not include faces, hair.

Moderate Restoration        $95.00 per photo
Very faded, background damage, recreation of parts of the image, minor face damage to cheeks, forehead, does not include hair, eyes, mouth, nose.

Extensive Restoration          $175.00 per photo
Torn off areas, creases, water damage, mold damage, basic face restoration including hair, eyes, mouth nose.  

Extreme Restoration    Get a quote
Parts of people missing, reconstruction of complex backgrounds.  Some images are beyond repair.

You can send me digital copies or send the hard copy of the image
with a return, addressed, stamped envelope for the return images.


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