Stop Motion Animation

Elephant Walk Stop Motion Animation (2016)

Shell March (2016)

Up Your Alley (2012)

Revenge for Old Stump

Stop Motion Animation (2012) – Co-Produced
Story: Nicole Ackerman
Set Design, Character Creation, Animation, Camerawork: Donna Betancourt & Nicole Ackerman.

Revenge for Old Stump is a stop motion collaboration written by Nicole Ackerman for graduate Stop Motion. Nicole and I both worked on creating different parts of the set and arranging the character movements for the animation. Each character was created with a wire armature and covered with clay and then textured with moss and sticks. The background was created with brown paper bags from the grocery store, painted and mounted in the mini-set. I created the main character, Old Stump.

Photography images were taken with Canon 7D tethered so to view each shot in real time. I then took the images into Adobe Premiere and edited for timing.

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