Student Work Samples

Interactive Game Design & Unreal Engine Workshop – Fine Arts Department

SideScroller First Game. This is one level of a sidescroller game created in the first 6 weeks of class. Students major in Fine Arts 2D and 3D Animation and have knowledge of Autodesk Maya. All games are created in Unreal Engine 4.

Artist: Aimee

Open World Project Level 1 – Created in the second half of the semester. Students can select any type of game to create during the second half of the semester. This example is an Open World game.

Artist: Aimee

Animation Collaborative Production 318 – Fine Arts Department

A, combination of 3D & 2D, this class is the first team experience for students in the Fine Arts Animation Program. I designed course in which students worked through an animation production pipeline where they wrote the story, designed the characters, modeled, textured, rigged, animated and rendered the characters/environments and then composited the final story. All aspects are accomplished in one semester.

Motion, Lighting & Texture – Fine Arts Department

This class uses Arnold 5 and Maya’s lighting and texturing tools, utilizing materials, textures, cameras, shadows, special effects and rendering. Student’s do materials rendering and the latest texturing techniques.

First Materials Study (above): Student Work

Artist: Brandon Rivers

Unreal Engine Game Design and Development – Communication Art Department

I teach two different gaming courses. The courses cover similar materials.  The Fine Arts Course is a university level intensive that requires level creations using blueprints and custom artwork. The course is taken by third and fourth year 3D Animation students as a required course.  The other course is taught in the Communication Department to all schools and majors. Students usually do not have training in either digital or traditional art and custom artwork is not required.


Motion Graphics 101 – Graduate Level Master of Arts

Motion Graphics 101 is created for Communication Arts students without an art background. Students create a title sequence for film, a motion typography project and learn the basics of Adobe After Effects. The class will consist of the fundamentals of movement within the Adobe After Effects program in addition to working in Adobe Photoshop.

The following is a sample of work done by beginner graduate students in graphics.  The work is first semester work and most of the students never used Adobe Photoshop or After Effects before.


Digital Storytelling – Communication Art Department

The Digital Storytelling Course is intensive in that it requires beginner students to shoot an interview and edit, then record an audio interview and edit, create a photo story, submit a journalistic written story, write a biography and combine all projects on a live website using WordPress.  All video is shot on an iPhone or equivalent. Audio is also recorded on a cell phone.

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