Virtual Reality

VR Project Demo:


Team:  Donna Betancourt

Platform: HTC Vive

Description: An HTC Vive interactive experience. Participants are faced with a dragon perched on top of the NYPD Station in Time Square in New York City. The dragon hurls letters from the sign on top of the building toward the VR player who deflects the letters with a makeshift shield.  The concept originated from an independent narrative film named American Dragon Slayer (in production). The project was designed in Autodesk Maya & Adobe Photoshop and then created in the Unity 3D game engine.

Work In Progress Notes:

I added a few assets to the Time Square area around the NYPD building.  I’m comparing the sizes of the buildings and building some fake advertising for the billboards.

This is a screenshot of the Virtual Reality project I’m doing which will be presented at the end of January in New York City.  I am in the animation stage right now and will be snapping the textures for the city later this week.

Reference Image (one of many)

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